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"Are You Ready? Pre-Inspection Instructions Prior to a Canine Bed Bug Inspection"

To ensure the dog’s safety and best possible search outcome, the following instructions should be followed:


For the safety of the dog, the following areas cannot be inspected by our K-9


  •   Any area treated with pesticide chemicals within the last 30 days, including any and all over-the counter pesticides.  Will not perform a canine inspection.

  • Areas where diatomaceous earth is used.  Will not perform a canine inspection.

  •   Areas treated with Aprehend (as Aprehend works for 3 months, we must wait 60 days after treatment).

  •   Areas infested with fleas.

  •   Any unsafe areas deemed unsafe by the handler.


Before Inspection


  • Remove all pest control products:  mouse traps/bait, bug traps, and glue boards.

  •  All pets need to be removed during inspection.  Cats can go into the bathroom; bird cages can be covered.

  • Hide all pet foods, pet toys, water bowls, and cat litter.

  •  Do not leave out any food stuffs, medications, or sharp objects.

  •  Fragile items should be moved to a safe area (do not put items on top of beds).

  •  Remove all the clutter off the floor, this includes clothing and any toys.

  • Leave bedding intact – do not unmake the bed before we arrive.

  •  Please turn off any fans, air purifiers, and humidifiers.  Air conditioners and heaters can be left on.

  • No scented candles, perfumes, or air fresh


During Inspection


  • You will be asked to step out during the inspection process.  This will limit distractions

  •   A pre-inspection and safety check will be performed by the handler without the dog.  After the pre-inspection, the handler will inspect all the areas with the dog.

  •   We may disturb some areas like beds and other furniture to help with inspections.



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